Newbies’ Guide to Easy Niche Product Creation

Creating a profitable niche product is the most difficult part for any newbie. Before I decided to create my first product, I used to think that I must have excellent language and writing skills, not to mention an in-depth knowledge of the chosen niche. When I finally gather enough courage to write my first ebook, I started spending a lot of time to research on the topic of niche products creation. I want to know how some ebook publishers can chunk out product after product easily in a very short time frame, while others find it so difficult even after they have stumbled upon a great niche idea. What I have found out is quite an eye opener for me. It it not as difficult as it seems to create a niche product! Want to know how?

Here are some of the methods which successful publishers use:

  • Ghostwriters

    Ghostwriters are perfect answer to marketers who have great profitable ideas but simply do not have the time or lack the skills to write a book on their own. A ghostwriter researches, writes, edits on behalf of their clients. They turn their client’s ideas into a polished masterpiece and you take the credit for their hardwork. To save themselves time, many successful gurus hire ghostwriters to write on their behalf. However, hiring ghostwriters can be very costly. If you are interested to use a ghostwriter, head over to or You can post your project and choose the ghostwriter which suits your budget and needs.

  • Resale Rights Products

    Selling products with resale rights is one of the fastest ways to start your niche business. Most resale rights products comes with a ready made sales letter. What you need to do after you purchase a product with resale rights is edit your payment details, add in your name and upload to your server. Resale rights products can be purchased in large quantity with very cheap price.

  • Private Lable Rights(PLR)

    PLR products are very hot right now. A PLR product allows you to put your name on the product and be an instant writer/publisher. A PLR product allows you to edit and use it in anyway you like. PLR products usually comes with a hefty price tag as you pay for the unrestricted rights to the product.

  • Public Domains

    Many marketers are known to make fortunes selling Public domain products. Any product in the public domains are free to use as its copyright has expired or not renewed. The best thing about this is it is completely free. You just need to take some time to explore the wide range of the books in the public domain and pick up the gem. One great source for public domain products is Project Gutenberg.

  • Improving an existing product.

    Most of the products in the market are modifications or improvement of an existing product. Some savvy marketers takes a relatively unknown product, create a USP (unique selling point) and modify the product accordingly, and instantly create a best seller. Another variation of this method is to combine several ideas into one and give it a new angle as a selling point.

  • Compilation of interviews or articles from experts in the niche

    Many marketers use this method with success. People are interested to learn from experts and hear what they got to say. What you can do is do a search on your niche, find the experts, email them that you wish to interview them and give them a list of questions you want them to answer. Not all experts will grant you the interview. But if you tell them that the interview will give them free exposure to their websites or services, you may get more positive answers. Some may even do it for free. When you get the answers to your interviews, simply compile them and write an introduction and conclusion and you got yourself a hot product!

  • Online Surveys and Forums

This is a great way to find out what answers people in your niche is looking for. Simply set up an online survey and invite people to answer them. Usually many people will respond the surveys related to their problems as they feel some one is listening to their problem and their opinion matters. You can then take the answers you got and organise them, add some of your own research ideas, and you got yourself a product. Online forums and groups are also great resources for great information on your chosen niche.

  • Be your own expert

    This is the good fashion way of writing the ebook yourself. If you have specialized knowledge in a particular area which has high demand, then it is easier for you to write something which you are familiar with. But, what if you don’t know anything about your chosen niche? Don’t fret. With the internet, you can learn how to be an expert in ways easier than you think. Simply research and read up as much as possible on your niche, combine and organise the ideas, then rewrite it using your thoughts and words. With this method, even you have zero knowledge on your niche, you have no choice but be an expert.

There you have it! Some fast and easy ways to create your niche products. This list is not exhaustive. You can choose a methods which suits you most, or use a combination of various methods.

Audrey Ly



Newbies’ Guide to Create a 24/7 Profit-pulling Mini-site for your Niche Product (2)

The next important step you need to do is to decide how you are going to take your orders and collect payment. With the internet, this is no longer expensive nor difficult. With your own online payment processors, you can collect money and deliver your products automatically…..even while you are sleeping.

Easy Ways to Take Orders for Newbies

  • Paypal is by far the most popular payment processor now. It is free and easy to setup. With its low fees, Paypal is a preferred choice for many newbies.

  • Clickbank is the most popular choice among the gurus and internet marketers. It charges a one time setup fee for selling as well as a cut from your sales. Clickbank offers a all-in-one solution including an army of affiliates ready to sell your products. Cool, huh?

  • Payloadz offers a simple solution to sell and deliver your products. It offer a free basic account with reasonable features which is great for a newbie starting with a shoestring budget. I have started using Payloadz since the beginning and still using them today.

Uploading the Minisite and Niche Product

With your sales page and download page ready, now is the time to upload your mini-site for the world to see. If you are using an online builder provided by your web host, the upload feature is usually included. What you need to do is just press a button and your site is live!

However, if you are using a stand alone html editor, you need a separate tool to publish your site. This tool is called FTP (File Transfer Protocol). FTP transfer your website files from your hard drive to your host, so that your site is visible on the internet. There many free FTP softwares available. Personally I use FileZilla ( It is really easy to use, and I especially like the drag and drop feature. After you have downloaded the FTP program, install it in your hard drive. To transfer files to your web host, you need to enter the information provided by your web host, including your server address, username and password.

Choose an Autoresponder

Autoresponders have become a necessity in internet marketing. Statistics have shown that most people do not buy when they come to your site the first time. On average, most people buy at the fifth to seventh contact. Imagine how time consuming if you were to contact each of your prospect for seven times. Autoresponders are like your faithful salesman which follow-up with your prospects. Beside that, an autoresponder helps you to automate signups, manage your list, send out a broadcast message, unsubscribe and backups.

There are several types of autoresponders available:

  • Free autoresponders

    If you are operating with a tight budget, you can check out the free autoresponders. Free autoresponders comes with limited functions as well as you might get ads as part of messages. The more popular free autoresponders are Freeautobot and Getresponse.

  • Paid autoresponders

    If you can afford it, it is highly recommended to use paid autoresponders. Not only you get a full range of essential features, it gives your messages a more professional look. The most popular and highly recommended paid autoresponder is Aweber. Other cheaper but as well alternatives are EmailAces and Rapidreply.

  • Web host autoresponders

    Usually your paid web host comes with a free autoresponder as part of the package. However, these autoresponders has highly limited functions. For example, you cannot send follow up messages, broadcasts a message, or capturing your prospects’ emails. Some web hosts offer more sophisticated autoresponders, so you may want to check out what your web host offers.

There you go, these are 5 very basic things you need to setup your very first 24/7 profit pulling mini-site.

Newbies’ Guide to Create a 24/7 Profit-pulling Mini-site for your Niche Product (1)

For newbies, one of the most difficult obstacle to overcome is building a website. I have to admit that this obstacle has stopped me from starting my own information product business for more than 2 years! I finally woke up one morning and decided that I must learn how to build my website if I want to sell my products. It took me quite a while to learn the basics of creating a website, but the reward is tremendous. Of course, if you can afford it, you can save yourself time and trouble by hiring a professional website designer. However, for most newbies with a tight budget, learning to do it yourself is the way to go. Here are some simples steps to start:


Give your website a Name and a Home.

Think of a domain name which describes your products as clearly as possible. Try to keep it short and catchy so that people can easily remember it. Then head over to any domain registrar to buy your domain. The most highly recommended are GoDaddy and Namecheap. Next, you need to give your domain a home on the internet, that is, you need a webhost. There are many webhosts with various packages to suit your need. So shop around.

Create your website.

Now, don’t you think that html is too difficult or time-consuming for you to learn. You don’t even need to know html to create website. For a newbie, WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) html editors is perfect. There are many free html editors available and you need to find one which suit your needs. I use Nvu and love it! It can be downloaded free from the internet. It works just like a text editor, such as Microsoft Word. If you know how to use a text editor, you will be able to learn how to use an html editor in no time.

To sell your information product, you do not need an extensive website. All you need is a simple minisite. Minisites have been proven time and again to be the best way to sell an information product. So simplicity is the key here. You don’t need a flashy websites with elaborate graphics. Don’t waste your time learning how to design fancy graphics and banners. Fancy graphics do not sell, your sales letter does. In fact, you avoid adding unnecessary ads or banners on your website to avoid readers being distracted from your sales page. When a prospective buyer reaches your page, you want them to focus on your sales page.

Your simple one-page website will consist of your sales page with a attractive headline, a header of your webpage, an image of your product, and a order button. Besides the sales page, you will need to create a thank you page with your download link of the product. These are what the most basic minisite consists of. To pull even more profits, you can add an opt-in page from autoresponder to follow up with your prospective buyers.


Look out for Part 2 on Building a Money Pulling Minisite in my next post.


Newbies’ Guide to Generate Profitable Niche Product Ideas

Generally, Newbies are told many times that they should create a product according to their expertise or according to their favorite past time. However, to be a successful publisher, it is not about what I, ME and MYSELF. In fact, it has nothing to do with what you like, what you know or where your expertise lies. It is about creating a product to meet the demands of a niche market. Of course, if your skills or knowledge is in fact in demand, then it is a double bonus, as you can do what you are passionate about and make a nice profit from it.

This article is about some great ways to generate niche ideas. At this stage, it is important that you do not self-edit nor self-censor your ideas. Snuff out the little voice in you that shouts,”No! This can’t work!” or “This is a crazy idea, no one will buy my product!” There is no such thing as a stupid or crazy idea. Your ‘crazy’ idea may be a potential best seller, you’ll never know. During this brainstorming session, start taking out a piece of paper and start jotting your ideas down. Remember, no editing. Here are some places you can go to for ideas:

  • Go to Ebay Pulse to take a look at the popular searches. Try to look for smaller searches as you are targeting a niche market, not a broad market.

  • Do a search for the Top Sellers.

  • This is the hottest social network on the net and this is a great way to get niche ideas. Take a look at the various groups on the network. If possible, join them.

  • Go to and browse the topics. It is a good idea to move away from the pc and go to your local magazine store to browse at the various popular topics. You will be surprise some of these topics are still pretty new online.

  • Ehow This site has a informative articles on a variety of subjects. This is an excellent source for ideas.

  • Use search for these following terms, “tips”, “learn”, “how do I”, “where do I”

  • is a popular freelancing site. Take a look at the type of projects bidded. Many marketers hire ghostwriters to write for them. Now, I am not saying that you should steal ideas, but use this as a source to generate ideas.


The resources above are gold mine of profitable ideas. It is entirely up to you to find the gem. With these resources, no more excuses for no ideas!

Audrey Ly


Newbies’ Guide to Easy Niche Market Research

To create a winning product, market research is the first and most crucial stage. You must first find your targeted hungry buyers BEFORE you create a product. In other words, find a niche market which is ready to buy your products. Many newbies make a mistake of creating a product first, then try to market it and end up disappointed when there is no one to buy the product. So researching the market and identify the ready buyers will definitely helps to eliminate this problem.

Another big mistakes newbies make is creating products targeting the big markets, which is supposedly highly profitable. While it is through that niches such as Internet Marketing and Make MoneyOnline are very profitable but these niches are just way too big and competitive for a newbie. Besides, there is no way a newbie can compete with marketing gurus with huge lists and joint-venture partners to start with. The competition is simply so huge that it will crush any newbie just starting out. So, don’t make the same mistakes as most newbies do.

Therefore, the first key to create a winning product is to find a profitable niche. Basically, a niche market is a specific group of people with the same interest. You has a much better chance of success if you focus on a very specific group of people. Find out what they want, create a product and sell it to them! That is it! It is as simple as that. The niche which newbies should target should not be too big, and not too small either, of course. Most importantly this niche group should have spending power, which means, they are ready to take out their credit card and buy your product. It would be useless to create a niche product for a school children, for example, even though your market research may show that there is a market. If you are keen to create a product for children, target the parents instead, as they are the ones with the credit cards!

Here are some simple steps which you can easily find your niche market:

First, open Overture Keyword Selector tool at

and start keying in the keyword of niche market which you want to target. Try basic products which you may be interested in selling, such as dog training, auto repair, or digital camera. The results will tell you the number of searches in a month. You should target a specific niche which has a decent number of searches. For example, “dog” has 3716120 searches. While the numbers shows a massive customer base in this broad niche, you would not want to write a book on “Dogs”. But if you scroll down and look at other keyword terms, “dog training” fetches 54505 searches per month. This would be a better niche to target.

Now you want to go to Google or other major search engines to find out the number of result pages which has your target niche term. This will determine the level of competition in your niche. To determine the searches and competition ratio, I find NicheBot ( most handy and it is free!

Now, let’s analyze the numbers. I am going to use the same example as above, the keyword “dog” has 1,727,003 searches, while it has 6,570,000 in the search engines. As you can see, the level of competition is very high. Therefore, it is not a good idea to target this broad niche. On the other hand, “dog training” has 1,463,802 searches a month, while there is only 120,000 pages in the searches engines. While the demand is high, the competition is relatively lower, so this may be a good niche market to target.

You may want to spend more time to research for the right niche market. This is a step you should not miss. The steps above is only a very basic but essential steps which will determine the success or failure of your first niche product.

Audrey Ly


Why Creating Your Own Info Products Is the Sure Way To Huge Profits

You have finally made a decision to join the online money making community. You love the freedom as so many marketers have told you about. You love to dump your monotonous 9 to 5 job forever. And most of all you love the good money all the internet marketers are making. So you have made a decision, now what?

I am going to say…… Create Your Very Own Info Product!

Every online marketer will tell you the big bucks comes with selling your own profitable info products. You may be thinking can information products really sell? The answer is a resounding YES! Think for a moment, why do you surf the internet? Search for information, of course! If everyone can surf the internet for free information, why would one want to buy your product? Now, let me tell you this, don’t underestimate the value of your information products. Not all people has the skill to source for the information they need. Besides, even the information may be available on the internet, it may take some time to search for it. Tell me, if you can save time buy purchasing an ebook which gives you the information you are looking for, will you buy it? I know I would….

Another great advantage of starting your own information business is the low low cost of start up. In fact, it requires such a low cost that anyone can start the business in the shortest time. The good thing about the internet is there is always free or cheaper alternatives. You just need to be resourceful and creative. Besides, with the technology today, most of the tasks can be automated and you will earn money even when you are sleeping or on a holiday. Unlike affiliate marketing, you need not be bother with the problems of stolen commissions, delayed payments, dishonest merchants and so on. Besides, it is much better to have an army of affiliates to promote for you and you just have to collect the money.

But wait! I am a newbie! I can’t write! I can’t build a website! I don’t know anything about html! Well, listen up, if you are serious of starting your info-product business, the first you have to do is…. Get Rid of Your Mental Block! I believe EVERYONE can write. It is a matter of practice and over-coming the “I-can’t-write” attitude. In fact, you will be surprise how easy is to create a hot, brand new information product.

Web Building is an essential skill if you want to start an internet business. Your website is your online shop for selling your product. Now, don’t let html scares you. You don’t even need to know html to build a website. Website building tutorials and videos are easily available on the internet. It just takes a little determination to learn it. For selling your information products, all you need is a one page mini-site and you are set to go. If you really don’t want to learn how to create a website, there are always blogs. Yes, blogs are free and much easier to set up.

Yes, I agree that to a newbie, creating your very own product is a daunting task…. almost impossible.

Frankly, it took me a long time to finally has to courage to create my first info product. I was ‘handicapped’ by my ‘inability’ to write a good product and build a webpage. However, after overcoming the obstacles, the reward is tremendous! I just could not describe the amazing proud feeling of seeing your own product in the market, read by people all over the world. So to the newbies here, I hope I have given you some inspiration to start your very own information product empire.

Audrey Ly

Welcome To Newbies’ Hub

Welcome to the Newbies’ Hub. You have made a good decision to stop by the Newbies’ Hub as I will offer great information and resources on starting your very Own Info Product Business.


Now, I am sure you have heard everyone is telling you that creating your own products is the best way to earn big bucks. It actually took me some time before I realize the truth of that statement. However, to a newbie, creating your very own product is a daunting task, it seems almost impossible. But let me tell you, ANYONE CAN DO IT!

I hope to share my experience and resources in this blog to help you get started. The internet is full of information and a newbie can easily suffers the overload syndrome. I know I did. I will be posting articles, resources and product reviews relating to info product creation and marketing. I am always searching for free or cheap resources as I understand as a newbie, many of us work in a shoestring budget. The good news is with the internet, free or cheaper alternatives are always available.

You are most welcomed to post any comments pertaining what I post in my blog. If you have valuable information to share, I would love you to post it here.

Thanks again for stopping by.